The New SmartThings App for Windows

As part of our ongoing commitment to build an open platform for the smart home, we’re excited to announce our SmartThings app for Windows Phones.

The new app will join our iOS and Android mobile experiences and will enable the passionate community of Windows Phone users to enjoy the world of SmartThings.

The SmartThings app has been published in the Windows Phone Store and beginning this afternoon will be live as a free download. It may take several hours for it to be available everywhere.

rsz_21untitled-1In the growing smart home market, we believe that openness is a winning strategy because it puts the consumer, and not technology, first. At SmartThings, this means creating app experiences for all the major mobile operating systems and giving customers the power to easily sync connected devices across several wireless protocols.

Our open platform approach allows consumers freedom of choice over products, use cases, and ways to monitor and control their homes from their smartphones. To begin creating your smart home, you’ll need a SmartThings Hub, or Starter Kit, and our free Windows app.

We’re thrilled to expand the reach of our open platform and extend an invitation to the Windows community to experience the security, peace of mind, and limitless possibilities of SmartThings.

The SmartThings Product Team

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  1. Thank you! Was thinking of getting a connected home and as you now support my phone, I’ll investigate your components.

  2. Wonderful news, thanks! As much as I try to make this an exclusive “Android Smart Home”, one of us loves Windows Mobile. Now if we can just get the dogs to pick an OS…

  3. Sweet! Now 5 more people can use SmartThings! I kid, I kid. Now that all these additional people have access to the platform, can we get official IP camera and Nest integration?

  4. Nice work! Proving once again that you are committed to being an open platform.

  5. Great news! Nice to not have to switch to my android tablet or my wife’s android phone to know what’s going on in the house. Hope to see presence support for windows phones in the (near) future. Then I wouldn’t have to bring a presence tag with me as long as I bring my phone.

  6. Doesn’t work for me on the Nokia 925 WP 8.1.
    The program opens for a second and then closes.

  7. When should we expect smartthings Windows 8 App?

  8. Curious if there will be a Windows 8 app? Seeing as my Windows RT device just sits at home, it would make an amazing central control panel :)

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  10. Windows8 app for windows tablets?

  11. One year yesterday. Thanks for supporting Windows! Hopefully, on to Windows 10 soon!

  12. I’ve seen some things do not work great in Windows Phone 10, for example none of the text boxes gets saved (i.e. phone number to send SMS to, delay after everybody leaves until an action is taken, etc.). Can we expect to see updates soon?

  13. Windows 10 universal app in the pipeline?


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