New iOS App Version 1.6.1 is Here!

Here’s some good news to start off the week: We’ve just released a new version of the SmartThings iOS app that’s available for free download. In addition to several design updates and performance improvements, we’ve also introduced a few new features. Take a look…

• The Hello, Home feature of the SmartThings app is now available in the upper-right corner of all sections of the Dashboard (including the Things screen).

• The + icon at the bottom of the Dashboard may now include a number. If you see a number, this indicates the number of devices that you have not yet configured. By tapping on devices that are not yet configured, you’re able to name them, and to choose popular alerts and actions associated with those devices.


For the full list of what’s new and improved, check out version 1.6.1 available for free download in the app store.

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  • Peter Tran

    What is this NFC doing in the iOS app???

    • alttext

      I don’t think we mentioned anything about NFC in iOS, here. What are you reacting to?

  • spike mike

    and where is the newest Android version?

    • alttext

      Android app update is on it’s way. You have to realize these are separate teams working on these. Due to device and OS fragmentation it just takes longer to develop and test. We are growing the development team.

      • spike mike

        cool. thanks. I understand the process is a long process, just discouraging thats all.

      • Dave

        And is An App for Windows phone 8 on the way?

        • Eliot

          Hey, Dave:
          We want SmartThings to be accessible for as many people as possible and hope to support other mobile platforms in addition to iOS and Android in the future. Stay tuned.

  • Tim Slagle

    Yet again android is left behind… Hopefully its worth the wait and this update, that is coming “soon”, will finally bring android INLINE with iOS. And fix the never working DropCam integration.

  • Dale Posey

    Do I need to redefine all my devices for the new app?

    • alttext

      No you should not have to.