Inside the SmartThings DC Office

Here’s what’s been catching our eye recently in tech, culture, and the space in between.

• SmartThings’ DC office gets a new look. We’re still very new here. But we’re growing. And we finally got around to unpacking. For more pics, follow us on Instagram.

photo (26)  photo (27)

• Why the Comcast-Netflix pact threatens our Internet future. The complex and politically charged world of high-speed Internet access creates a power struggle. Let’s hope no one gets thrown into an oncoming Metro train. (Wired)

• Internet of Things podcast. Diving into the connected car, via Google Glass (GigaOM)

Seth Rogan is writing a movie about the Sega vs. Nintendo war. (Mashable)

In the future… you will. Look what we found: AT&T’s 1993-1994 marketing campaign showing all the things you’ll be able to do in the future–including swiping your own credit card inside your car to pass a toll booth. Check it out. (AT&T)

• This public toilet turns pee into street trees. And it’s apparently odor-free. (Gizmodo)

• Netflix’s very funny “Drone 2 Home” video. (Engadget)


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