Hack Recap: Portland ThingWeek

We recently spent some time in Portland, Oregon with our friends at Uncorked Studios participating in a series of IoT-related events called ThingWeek.

We spoke at the NewTechPDX meetup, were invited to speak at a youth roundtable hosted by the Portland Design Museum, and hosted a 40-person workshop focusing on SmartApps. (You can find the slides here.)


Over the weekend, we co-hosted a hackathon with some great sponsors: Aeon Labs, Automatic, Cree, Electric Imp, Hackster.io, IFTTT, Intel, Jawbone, Meld, Particle, Pebble, Philips Hue, Tessel, Wunderbar, Yale.

Hackathon of Things

Hackathon of Things

Hackathon of Things

One of our favorite projects using SmartThings is called Open Sesame, which lets you automatically unlock your door based on a secret knock pattern.

Hackathon of Things

All of the projects are posted on Hackster.io.

Thanks, and we hope to see you at an upcoming SmartThings event… like the workshop at our new Minneapolis office tonight!

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