Gifts for Grads

From making the honor roll back in grade school to getting their diploma this month, your kid has always made smart decisions. Now it’s your turn. As the grads in your life transition from backpacks to briefcases, give ’em a gift that will make moving into their first apartment or house easier than any test they had in college: one of three SmartThings Gifts for Grads.


Each Kit comes with a SmartThings Hub and enough devices to let your new grad control and monitor their home directly from their smartphone. Not only will SmartThings make managing your son or daughter’s new home easier for them, but it will also offer you peace of mind by knowing that it’s looking after him or her round the clock. Think of it like the ideal roommate you always wanted for your kid back in college.

Pssst… Did we mention that SmartThings works great in rented spaces? It also works great if your son or daughter is moving back in to your basement and living on the couch. …We don’t have a good link for that, but we’re sure it’s just a phase.

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