Get ready to make the switch!

Today we began our long-awaited process of migrating the SmartThings consumers to a single mobile app, closing the functionality gap between our two apps and providing a single, easy-to-use and fully featured experience for our consumers.

The new app has an improved user experience. It gives our consumers the ability to control and integrate with thousands of Samsung TVs and appliances, as well as thousands of devices within the SmartThings ecosystem. Some older, rarely used features will be deprecated, and new features are rolling out over the next several months. Today, many of the features from SmartThings Classic are now included in the new SmartThings app!

We’ve received invaluable feedback from our consumers, partners and developers who have helped guide the new app experience. Thank you to our incredible community for working with us to ensure a seamless transition to the new app experience. With the constructive feedback we’ve received, we are excited to have consumers join us and experience the new SmartThings app.


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