Friday the 13th Edition

Here’s what’s been catching our eye recently in tech, culture, and the space in between.

• Why is Friday the 13th an “Evil” Day? Find out here. (Gizmodo)

• Proof that Friday the 13th = Apocalypse. It’s snowing in Cairo right now for the first time in 112 years. Can’t be a coincidence. (Buzzfeed)

• Smartphone-controlled LED Lights. Neat! (twisthink)

• The Quantified Baby. The co-founder of Skype has created an app to track your baby’s habits, movements, and breastfeeding patterns. (GigaOM)

• IFTTT Gets Smarter. New location channel lets iOS users trigger things to automatically happen when they come and go. (Engadget)

• The Internet of Islands. How integrations like IFTTT + SmartThings are helping to bridge isolated “islands” of connected things. (Build Internet)

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