How Would Back to the Future Have Been Different with SmartThings?

From small details to major plot twists, here are five ways that Back to the Future would have been different had SmartThings been around.

where are my pants gif marty mcfly

Marty would have been able to find his pants.
This is an easy one. Assuming there were keys and pockets in 1955, and Marty kept his Samsung SmartThings Arrival Sensor attached to his keychain and put it in his pants pocket, he could have just woken up, opened up the SmartThings app, and pressed the “Beep” button by his Arrival Sensor to hear that his keys and pants were over there, by Lorraine’s hope chest.

Marty would not have been late for school.
If Marty had just plugged in a lamp to a Samsung SmartThings Outlet, he could have set his lights to turn on or gently brighten at a set time to nudge him out of bed.

What’s that? Maybe Marty isn’t a morning person and, like all teens, has trouble getting out of bed? Okay, well instead of a lamp, he could have also hooked up his Bose or Sonos to play music or soothing whale noises or whatever gets him going in the a.m.  Point being: The guy ends up racing to school by holding on to the back of a stranger’s pickup truck as it tears through downtown Hill Valley–all without a helmet, mind you. That’s not cool, Marty. That’s careless.

George would have known if anybody was home.
Because George couldn’t answer this simple question, he got the mother of all noogies in front of his classmates at Lou’s Cafe and became subjected to the same rhetorical question and bullying from Biff for the next 30-some years. Had George had his smartphone handy, all he would have had to do was whip it out, and see if his Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor had recently detected movement at home, or if an Arrival Sensor that any of his family members used were within range of his Hub at home and he could have confidently replied, “No, Biff. There is no one at home.”


Darth Vader would not have come down from planet Vulcan, and told George that if he didn’t take Lorraine out, that he’d melt his brain.
Why? Because if George had SmartThings, he could have put a Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor on the door or window or whatever it was that hazmat-wearing Marty broke into to sneak into his bedroom, and receive an instant alert that there was an intruder. This would have had dire consequences for the future.

How, you ask?

Few options:
A) George gets a text notification (with sound) that wakes him up. Knowing how much of a spazz George is, he grabs a Louisville Slugger, waits in his room, and then wails on Marty and breaks his leg–preventing him from traveling back to 1985, let alone walking.

B) George is savvy, so he likely would have hooked up his Multi to an alarm, which would have scared the bejeezus out of Marty and made him run away. Either way, total game-changer in the trilogy.

Wait, no this would have stayed the same.
We just checked, and hover crafts still don’t exist, so there is nothing that would have been any different about this scene had SmartThings been around. Sorry. False alarm, guys.


Time travel would have been infinitely easier.
Yep, it’s a bold claim, but here’s how: For all the talk of the flux capacitor, at no point in any of the three Back to the Future movies do we ever hear how the thing actually works. All we know is that it’s a Y-shaped series of incandescent lights that flash. And as the DeLorean gains speed, those lights pulse and flash faster until it finally becomes a steady stream of light (at exactly 88 MPH), thus, making time travel possible.

…So yes, it seems like so long as you have the flux capacitor in your possession, all you have to do is turn the stupid thing on so it lights up and you can hop, skip, and jump to any year you want.
(For a guy who calls himself Doc and names his dog Einstein, you’d think Emmett Brown could have figured this out earlier.)

Translation: If Marty had SmartThings, all he’d have had to do was hook up the flux capacitor to a compatible smart power outlet (sure, he’d need a generator to plug it into in the DeLorean…) and just press a button in the app to turn it on. Y’know, using his fingers…

That way he wouldn’t have had to risk death in a shopping mall as a pet sheepdog drove a car head-on toward him, leaving a trail of fire…


… or braving a horrible storm and getting struck by lightning and thrust back into the year 1885…


… or having to escape a roaring locomotive as it tears into your car and explodes it.


But we forgive you, Marty. Because we may have invented SmartThings, but you invented rock ‘n’ roll.

I guess you guys aren t ready for that yet But your kids are gonna love it


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