17 GIFs that Will Blow Your Mind

Here’s what’s been catching our eye recently in tech, culture, and the space in between.


17 GIFs that Blow Your Mind. We try to stay away from listicles, but clicking on this link gave us a pretty wild ride. (Buzzfeed)

• SmartThings gets closer to EU shipments. Yesterday, SmartThings received its first order of EU-certified devices. It’s been a long and uphill international struggle, but this marks a big day for the 32 countries that use CE certification, as we are very close to being able to ship to most of our international Kickstarter backers. (SmartThings)

Securing the Internet of Things. In this week’s podcast, GigaOM’s Stacey Higginbotham asks guests to offer some common sense ways to make your connected devices even more secure. (GigaOM)

The Connected Home. ReadWrite recently started an interesting series begging the question: What does it mean to be a connected home? (ReadWrite)

Google Helpouts. The Mountain View company launched a very cool, very promising tool that instantly pairs experts with those seeking help. Struggling to strum a C-chord on your Stratocaster? Can’t figure out how to cook lobster thermidor? You can now pay to launch a live video chat and get instant help. (Google)

Philips adds a new hue lightbulb. Introducing the new BR30 downlight bulb, which draws just 8W of power. (Gizmodo)

10 things heavier than the new iPad Air. Spoiler alert: two rolls of toilet paper, an adorable puppy, and a jar of peanut butter (Mashable)

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