10 Reasons Why You Should Choose SmartThings

Want a good reason to turn your home into a smart home? We’ll give you 10.

Check out AutomateYourHome’s list of 10 reasons why you should choose SmartThings.

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  • Number 1 reason why you should reconsider SmartThings: no support for the most popular smart thermostat: the Nest.

  • Robert Andrews

    Would if I could, but, three years in… international?

  • eid

    link is broken. nest thermostat would be nice (i now have 2) but the nests function well alone. Only advantage i can see is if i can use nest as motion sensors or nest can use smartthings motion sensors to avoid turning off while house is still occupied or nest can use other temperature sensors to average room temperatures. newest Ecobee does this with additional motion/temp sensors.

    • Tony Bruce

      Link worked fine for me. I use my SmartThings motion sensors to avoid changing my status to “away” buy using ifttt. its a great app that links the Nest with SmartThings.

      • eid

        thanks for advice. Just tried ifttt and it can do some neat things but as others have said, would be nice if had AND or OR operators. But a nice concept.

  • Allan Cardinal

    My experience has been utter frustration and disappointment with ST