Try This: A Door That Remembers to Lock Up Even If You Don’t

“I use the Goodbye Routine in my SmartThings app to tell the door to lock when I leave.”

If you’ve ever been on the way to work (or, say, a long vacation) and worried suddenly that you’ve forgotten to lock the door, we have an automation that will give you peace of mind every time you leave. All you need is the SmartThings app and a connected lock. Once you’re connected, you can check the status of your door at any time from anywhere, and lock up at the touch of a button.

  • Use the “Add Device” feature in the SmartThings app to pair one or more connected locks from Yale, Schlage, or Kwikset with your SmartThings Hub.
  • Configure your “Goodbye” Routine in the SmartThings app to lock the door.
  • Activate your “Goodbye” Routine at any time by selecting its icon in the Routines section of the SmartThings app, or use your phone as a presence sensor and have the Routine run automatically when you leave.

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