Try This: A Dog That Can Tell You He’s Escaped

“I put a SmartThings Arrival Sensor on my dog’s collar that sends me a message if he leaves unexpectedly.”

Keep track of Buster’s comings-and-goings a smarter way. If you’ve ever looked around the house wondering where the dog has disappeared to (and, if you’re anything like most pet owners, panicking that he’s escaped), you’re in luck. You can use SmartThings sensors and our app to get an immediate alert if he leaves the property so you can start your search — no need to howl.

  • Use the “Add Device” feature in the SmartThings app to pair a SmartThings Arrival Sensor.

  • Place the SmartThings Arrival Sensor on your pet’s collar.
  • Use the “Notify Me When” SmartApp in the Marketplace section of the SmartThings app to send you a message if your pet leaves your property.
  • Note: You can also use this SmartApp to send you a message when the pet walker takes the dog for a walk.

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