How to: Trigger SmartThings to Tell You the Weather Forecast

As we fall deeper into autumn and the weather becomes less predictable each day, it’s important to know the day’s forecast. By triggering SmartThings to play the weather report from your Sonos or ObyThing-powered speaker, you can easily know whether to pack an umbrella, snow boots, or shorts each day before heading out the door.

Here’s a quick video showing you how to set this up via SmartThings Labs:

• First, go to the More category of SmartSetup

• Then, select SmartThings Labs

• Select “Sonos Weather Forecast”

• Then, select the trigger that will prompt the weather report to read (ie: a door opening, movement in a certain room, etc)

• Next, select the type of weather report you’d like to hear (ie: current conditions, tomorrow’s forecast, etc)

• Then, select a speaker – this can either be a Sonos player or an ObyThing-powered speaker

• Finally, select your Zip Code and whether you want to hear the forecast only on certain days of the week or at a certain time

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  1. How do you do this with the new app?


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