Getting to Know: The SmartThings Hub

It’s important to get to know your SmartThings because, y’know, they’re going to be living with you. We recently sat down with the SmartThings Hub to hear what it had to say about how it can make your home smarter, safer, and better in its own words.

Tell us about yourself:

SmartThings Hub“I’m the brain of the operations and put the ‘smart’ in SmartThings. My job is to wirelessly connect all of the different SmartThings sensors around your home or office together to make sure that they understand each other, are able to communicate with you, and understand what you want them to do. Think of me as a live-in* translator that lets you communicate with the physical things and objects around you.”

What makes you smart?

“I translate wireless signals into English so that you can know what is going on in and around your home, and let you control things like security, energy usage, lighting and more from wherever you are.

I’m also trilingual. In addition to speaking English, I also speak “Z-Wave” and “ZigBee.” These are nerdy tech words that describe two different types of wireless communication signals that different devices use. There are hundreds of sensors that you can buy at home improvement stores that can be controlled using Z-Wave and ZigBee. One of the smartest things about me is that I can communicate with all of these devices–not just the ones in the SmartThings family. This “openness” is an important advantage to using SmartThings because it makes it possible for you to control all of your sensors and other Z-Wave and ZigBee devices from the SmartThings app. Take THAT, Rosetta Stone.”

After plugging your Hub into a wall outlet and into your Internet router, you’ll be ready to start connecting your other SmartThings devices. If you’re having questions after following the in-app instructions and simple steps found in your in-box pamphlet, be sure to check out our 4 Tips to Help You Get Started.

* – I’m a very good roommate.

For a complete look at SmartThings devices, answers to pairing questions, and general tutorials, be sure to check out our Knowledge Base resource.

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  1. Are you learning to speak IP on the LAN?


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