SmartThings Halloween Hack

Not gonna be home this Halloween? No problem. Our maker-in-residence, Danny, shows you how to set up a simple SmartThings-inspired Halloween hack that’ll leave trick-or-treaters happy and your home free from getting egged.

Want to recreate this Halloween hack in your home? Here’s what you’ll need:
A SmartThings Hub
A SmartSense Multi sensor or a SmartSense Open/Closed sensor
• A pet feeder
How To
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  1. Had to laugh since, as soon as the little kid went up to the door, I thought immediately, “Hmm…if I was that kid I’d stand there and knock a bunch of times!”

    Was going to hook up a SmartSense Motion by the front door and have it trigger a lamp to flash…but my wife thought it was lame and that I’m “not very creative.” (Maybe I should climb on the roof with buckets of fake blood dear?)

    • There is a delay built in between knocks so the kid (or you as a child) would have to hang out quite a long time. :)

      • Then when you have several groups of kids they knock and don’t get anything. You are sure to get your house egged!


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