SmartThings Door Knocker

Without a doubt, the worst part about Halloween being over is that we can’t go another 12 months with this guy tacked on to the front of our front door:

Here’s how Bob, our VP of engineering did this:

“I started with one of these, which is just a plastic door knocker, and added an Arduino Uno, SmartThings Shield, servo, LED lights for the eyes, and batteries. I used a SmartSense Motion sensor to start the knock when trick-or-treaters approached our front door, a Sonos to play the voice and sounds, and two Philips hue bulbs in my front porch lights that turned red when the knocker started. I made a custom SmartApp that controlled all of those and also turned off my foyer light when the knocker started. It was definitely a big hit with kids in the neighborhood.

This was an idea we had thought about last year and never gotten around to, but the knocker part has been done before, by this guy. Full credit to him, as I chose the door knocker based on his article and also based the Aruduino sketch on his (though he used a different Arduino and didn’t use SmartThings).” – Bob
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