Set Your Lights to Turn on at Sunrise

Alarm clocks are so 1993. With SmartThings, you can set your bedroom lights to automatically turn on or brighten when you want to wake up, and then dim or turn off when you want to go to bed. Here’s a really simple video to show you how it’s done…

A SmartThings customer just wrote in to the blog to ask:

Which app is best for turning on a z-wave plug at sunset and off at a specific time?
– Robert

The best way to do this is through the SmartThings Dashboard. Just go to the Lights & Switches category, tap the gear icon, and follow the easy prompts outlined in the video.

Important note: In order to do this, you’ll need to set your home location through the location settings in the Menu. (This is how SmartThings knows when the sun will rise and set at your home.) Here are some more details about setting your home location in the SmartThings app.
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  1. I have been using the sunrise/sunset for a while now. It works great on my exterior lights. For interior lights, I would actually like to have them come on 30 mins before sunset. Is this possible?

    • It is if you (or someone else in the developer community) were to write a SmartApp for you. Have you explored the developer tools?

    • An offset is already built in to the sunrise/sunset app. It may not have been there when you originally set up the app, but it is now.

  2. When I click Dashboard, all I see is Shop, My Account and Support. My SmartThings iOS app is fully updated and looks nothing like the above. Help?


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