Monitor & Control Your Home While You’re on Vacation

SmartThings stays home so you don’t have to. Whether you’re planning a day trip to the beach or a week-long vacation at a bungalow, rest easy knowing that you can monitor and control what’s happening in and around your home from anywhere using your smartphone.

So go on: Load up the car, hit the road, and seize the summer.

With SmartThings, you can…

1. Turn On Your Lights To Make It Look Like You’re Home


What You Need:
• SmartThings Hub ($99)
• SmartThings iOS or Android app (free)
• A smart power outlet ($42-$65) or a SmartPower Outlet 2-Pack ($105)

Anyone who’s ever left for vacation knows how annoying (and expensive) it is to either leave lights on all day while you’re gone, or set individual lights on a timer. Well, those days are gone.

With SmartThings, all it takes is a tap of your smartphone to turn on a single lamp, all the lights in one area of your home, or your home’s entire lighting system.  You can even do this when you’re face-down in the sand.

Better yet, you can also automate your lights to automatically turn on or off at different times, such as sunset or sunrise.

Plug lamps into portable, pluggable outlets, control overhead lights with smart in-wall switches, and trigger outdoor lights to automatically turn on at set times of day or when there’s motion.

Side note: Being able to turn lights on and off with your phone is also phenomenal for pranks.

2. Keep an Eye on Things Wherever You Are 


What You Need:
• SmartThings Hub ($99)
• SmartThings iOS or Android app (free)
Dropcam ($147.95)
SmartSense Multi sensor ($49) and/or SmartSense Motion sensor ($55)

By combining the powers of SmartThings and Dropcam, you can easily know (and see!) what’s happening in and around your home from anywhere–even from the hammock of a cabana.

Instead of just passively watching what’s going on inside your home, Dropcam can send you a series of photos so that you can see what’s going on in and around your home whenever SmartThings senses different events in and around your home.

See a series of images if a SmartSense Motion sensor detects unexpected movement, if a SmartSense Multi sensor detects a door or window has opened, if a SmartPower Outlet senses that something has turned on or off, or any number of actions take place.

Check in to make sure that there are no unwanted guests hanging around your home while you’re away, that your valuables are safe and secure, that your neighbors are feeding those goldfish twice a day like they’re supposed to.

3. Lock and Unlock Your Doors From Anywhere


What You Need:
• SmartThings Hub ($99)
• SmartThings iOS or Android app (free)
• A smart lock ($195-$215)

No more leaving keys under the mat for dog walkers or neighbors who are looking after your place while you’re out of town.

Smart locks require no hard-wiring or additional mounting holes. The locks fit most all standard door setups and can be locked or unlocked using a key or your a simple tap of your smartphone. SmartThings customers who have a SmartSense Presence sensor or carry their smartphone with them can even trigger their doors to automatically unlock when they arrive home and lock up behind them when they leave (trust us: it’s even cooler than it sounds and kind of makes you feel like a superhero).

4. Get Immediate Alerts When Doors or Windows Open Unexpectedly


What You Need:
• SmartThings Hub ($99)
• SmartThings iOS or Android app (free)
• SmartSense Multi sensor ($49)
• Optional: SmartSense Motion sensor ($55)

 The SmartSense Multi sensor can send an immediate alert to your smartphone when a door, window, gate, or other entryway opens unexpectedly at night or when you’re away. Since the Multi sensor can also sense vibration and movement, you can also choose to receive a notification if doors or windows are tampered with or shaken. Monitor 1 door for $49, 2 doors and windows for $95, or monitor 5 doors and windows for $235. If you happen to live in a home that has no doors, like a cave, SmartThings probably won’t work well for you.

5. Trigger a Loud, Flashing Alarm To Automatically Sound When There’s Unexpected Entry


What You Need:
• SmartThings Hub ($99)
• SmartThings iOS or Android app (free)
• SmartSense Motion sensor ($55)
• FortrezZ Siren Strobe Alarm ($49)

Scare the bejeezus out of would-be intruders by blaring a loud siren with a flashing red strobe light whenever unexpected motion, tampering, and entering occurs in your home. There is no limit to the amount of SmartThings sensors that can be paired with the FortrezZ Siren Stroble alarm, so whether you just have one open/close or motion sensor in your home or a SmartSense Multi sensor on all of your doors and windows, all you need is the SmartThings Hub, free app, and a Siren Strobe Alarm to fully secure your entire home.



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  1. I have a high mountain vacation home and frequently lose power due to heavy snows and strong winds. Is there a way to configure SmartThings to alert me when the electrical power goes off and when it returns?

    • SmartThings automatically sends you an alert when the hub goes offline, and also when it returns online. As long as you don’t have your cable/dsl/fios router plugged into a UPS, it should perform the actions within 10 minutes of you losing power.

  2. i have read this interesting post and found important point for helpful vacation. how to monitor and control your home while you are on vacation. so thanks for sharing this excellent article.


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