How to: Monitor, Control & Automate Your Garage Door

The good folks at MacTechGenius just put together a video tutorial showing you how to monitor, control, and automate your garage door using SmartThings.

Check out the video and some other useful how-to posts and stories about automating your garage door below, and leave us any questions you may have in the comments section.

What you need:
• A SmartThings Hub
• A SmartSense Multi sensor
• A compatible garage door opener (recommended: Evolve relay switch)

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  1. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of those somewhat rare
    technology topics that is pretty easy for the layperson to understand, at least
    on the basic level. It is frequently chasing the world of internet and
    technology. I think it is the next generation of our smart technology. Well, you explained a good example of internet of things technology.

  2. Interesting. I built something similar using the smartthings arduino shield. It was a bit more complicated because I had to write the arduino code and the smartthings app. It’s also significantly cheaper. It uses the shield and a few hall effect sensors. I was able to control both garage doors for less than $50. This solution is… more than $100 per door?

    Maybe SmartThings should make their own product for this? It seems extremely common and most solutions look like this one – overkill and expensive.

  3. Holy crap… use a Chamberlain MyQ.. Whole lot easier….

  4. I use craftsman assure link, can this be linked with SmartThings?

  5. Anyone used this kind of set up in areas where the temperature drops to -20 in the winter? The Smartthings spec says “indoor use only” which gives me some concern…

  6. I think home automation like this is brilliant. There have been countless times where I’ve left the house and have forgotten to shut the garage door. It would be nice to be able to control my garage door from my phone. I’ll have to get something like this soon.

  7. Anyone have any idea how to get this working with the new app?

  8. Brilliant.How i wish i can made one in future.

  9. so good to see an automated garage door and is accessible everywhere via phone apps.

  10. Wow! Nice Video you have shared. you can also take a look at this video

  11. This was very awesome video explain for automatic garage door. Nice one sharing .

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  13. Hi All,

    I bought a sliding door gate from Somfy. and I want to integrate it with Samsung Smartthing Hub V2 (UK).

    Somfy told me that they have a device called Somfy Dry Contact Transmitter reference no (1810334 ) and they told me that this can work with Fibaro Roller Shutter and then I can integrate Fibaro to the smarthing hub.

    anyone have like this setup and can direct me to which fibaro roller shutter should I buy?


    Webiste :


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