How To: Set Up SmartThings

Once your SmartThings devices arrive in the mail, all it takes is a few easy steps in the free SmartThings app before you can begin monitoring and controlling things in your home.

Jeff Patterson over at Home Repair Tutor has put together a great video guiding you through the setup process. Take a look!

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  • Xan Bertison

    Watch this video in reverse for what you’ll need to do when you realize this thing doesn’t work at all as advertised.

    • clee666

      do you know how to unpair your switches and sensors when the SmartThings hub is always offline?

  • clee666

    mine worked… for a few hours….

    • Rick

      Could you elaborate?

  • len8jq

    Received mine Thursday 15/10/15. Connected and waited over 90 mins. Gave up and contacted Support(USA). Got a couple of eMails, still not working. Advised transferring info to UK. No contact as yet since Saturday. Sent eMail to UK support Monday evening.