How to: Change Your Hub’s Location

One of the best things about SmartThings is that it’s completely portable. Whether you’re buying a new homemoving from one rental unit into another, or simply want to move your SmartThings setup from your office to your home, it’s really easy. Here’s how:

From an e-mail:
“I recently got a SmartThing Hub and some SmartThings devices. I started everything up in the location where I work, and now have moved everything to where I live 200 miles away. The Hub doesn’t recognize the new location. How do I reset the location of the hub?” – Rob

Good question.

First, just tap the Menu icon in the top-left corner of the SmartThings app. Next, tap the gear icon, and then go to the map to tap and hold down on the location where you’d like your new SmartThings setup to be located. Then, just tap “Save” and “Done” and you’ll be all set. Here’s a quick video showing you these steps:

For what it’s worth, here’s the reason you need to update your location in the SmartThings app when relocating your Hub:

If you move your Hub to a new location but don’t update this step in the SmartThings app, your Hub will be online and working… but all of the Actions, Alerts, and SmartApps that you’ve set up won’t work because they’ll still be tied to the home location that you’ve previously set up (in Rob’s case, 200 miles away).

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  1. On the new app, click the menu icon in the top RIGHT, then select My Locations, then click the gear icon on the right hand side of the ‘Home’ section.

  2. But the Zip Code still shows the Wrong Location.
    as seen in:


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