How To: Group Items & Reveal Their Names

As you move from just a few devices to a more complete smart home, the number of connected “Things” in your app will expand. Here are two really useful tips to help you organize and manage your individual smart things.

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  1. Hi: I am trying to add more items to an existing group. It doesn’t let me add a third item.

    Is there a special technique? Also is there an upper limit on the number of sensors per group?

  2. While this is “cool”, I do not find the UI helpful and intuitive. I mean, come on, how is one supposed to know about the “shake” feature?

    What would be useful, is adding a view option to display the device list in a grid view format instead, where names, indicator icons and cog are displayed in a list.

    This to me (someone who has many devices and plans to get a lot more) is more useful and user friendly UI. Leave the shacking to bartenders mixing my drinks!

    Just a thought.

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  5. Does this work with the new app update?

  6. How do you do this with Android? Not everyone on the planet uses iToys, and the large difference between how the iOS app and the Android app seemingly work is very frustrating. How do you create groups on Android? I find this doubly frustrating as I am a full-on Samsung house (phone, tablet, TV, and now SmartThings). Where’s the love?


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