Getting to Know: The SmartThings Power Outlet

It’s important to get to know your SmartThings because, y’know, they’re going to be living with you. We recently sat down with the SmartThings Power Outlet to hear what it had to say about how it can make your home smarter, safer, and better in its own words.

Tell us about yourself:

outlet-blog“I’m a pluggable and huggable* outlet that fits snugly into power outlets all around your home. There’s no hard-wiring or complicated setup required to use me: Just attach a lamp, electronic, or small appliance into me and follow the easy instructions in the SmartThings app. Then, you can start using your smartphone or tablet like a remote to control these devices from wherever you are. Also, if you look closely at my three prongs, I kind of look like a face.”

What makes you smart?

“I’m versatile. I’ll earn my keep around your home by helping with convenience, energy efficiency, and security. In addition to letting you control lights, electronics, and appliances remotely, I can also talk to other SmartThings devices and trigger whatever is plugged into me to automatically turn on or off when different things happen.”

How do you work with the other SmartThings?

“If the SmartSense Motion tells me that there’s movement in your living room, I can turn a light on; or if the SmartSense Presence tells me that you’ve left your home, I can turn a light off. I can also make it look like somebody is home or away in response to motion. If you’re out of town and the Motion tells me that there’s unexpected movement detected in your backyard at night, I can turn on a stereo or lamp.

I can also improve your home’s energy efficiency by restricting access to appliances after a set time. If your iPhone or Android only needs to be plugged in for an hour before it’s fully charged, just tell me to go to sleep after 60 minutes. I’ll do it. Because in addition to being adorable, I’m also very obedient.”

Tips: Adding a  SmartPower Outlet to your SmartThings Hub can be done in two simple steps:

  1. On the “My SmartThings” screen, scroll to the bottom of your device list, and hit the “(+)” icon.
  2. As you are plugging in the outlet, hold down the black button on the bottom right side of the the device for 1-2 seconds.

* – Disclaimer: We do not recommend physically hugging your power outlet or any other SmartThings device. In general, the SmartThings team considers it a best practice to simply avoid hugging inanimate objects entirely. Hug your children instead.

For a complete look at SmartThings devices, answers to pairing questions, and general tutorials, be sure to check out our Knowledge Base resource.


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