Getting to Know: The SmartSense Motion

It’s important to get to know your SmartThings because, y’know, they’re going to be living with you. We recently sat down with the SmartSense Motion to hear what it had to say about how it can make your home smarter, safer, and better in its own words.

Tell us about yourself

motion-circle“I’m an infrared motion detector. I see everything and stay home so you don’t have to. If you put me on a shelf or mount me to a wall, I’ll let you know when a person or animal (dog, cat, bear) moves within a range of at least 10 feet of where I’m located. I can also talk to the other SmartThings and trigger different actions to take place when I detect movement.”

What makes you smart?

“I can send your smartphone an immediate notification if I sense motion in a certain area. Put me in the living room or bedroom to see if someone’s inside, or put me by your front door or back window to see if anyone is approaching your house.”

How do you work with the other SmartThings?

“They take their cue from me. If I sense motion somewhere, I can tell a smart power outlet to turn a light on. If someone’s approaching the front door when it’s dark, I can trigger your flood light to turn on. If your child is getting out of bed in the middle of the night, I can turn on the nightlight or hall light so they find the bathroom. Or if you happen to have more than one smart power outlet and a few of me set up around your place, I can make it so that light follows you as you move throughout your whole home. On the flip side, once I stop detecting motion for a certain amount of time, I can tell a smart power outlet to turn lights, electronics, or small appliances off.

I also work well with the SmartSense Presence. If you only want me to tell you when there’s motion in and around your property when you’re not there, I’ll check in with the Presence tag to see if you’re around before sending you a text or push notification. This is ideal if you’re the kind of person who frequently works late, travels, or is afraid of a looming squirrel uprising while you’re out.”

Adding a new SmartSense Motion tag to your SmartThings Hub can be done in two simple steps:

  1. On the “My SmartThings” screen, scroll to the bottom of your device list, and hit the “(+)” icon.
  2. Remove the battery blocker from your SmartThings Motion.

The SmartSense Motion is very sensitive and can detect a lot of movement. If you don’t want it to pick up the movement of a dog, cat, or pet, place the sensor facing up so it’s not angled toward the floor. If you do want it to detect the motion of a pet (to let you know if a dog or cat is in a room where it doesn’t belong, for example), consider mounting the sensor using the nail hole in the back and angling it toward the floor, or keeping in a low place.

For a complete look at SmartThings devices, answers to pairing questions, and general tutorials, be sure to check out our Knowledge Base resource.

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  1. Just curious, what is the active range of these? IE. Range from it, and range around it. If it’s flat on a wall, does it get to 180 degrees?

    • Good questions. The range may depend on your home setup, but it will almost always work within a range of about 30 feet. If it’s on a flat wall, it should pick up motion just inside of 180 degrees–about 150 degrees or so.

  2. How weatherproof is this? I want something to turn on outside lights when someone is walking up to my garage door in the side of the house.

  3. The article says it has a 10-ft range, but eliot responded and says 30-ft. Can anyone respond with the factual range of this sensor? Thanks.


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