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A new customer, David, writes in to ask how he can set his different SmartThings devices to only send him notifications at certain times of the day.

Is there a setting to make the Multi active only during set hours?  I have one on my outside door and I only want to receive notifications of open/close during certain hours of the day.
Haven’t figured out how to do that.  Can you help?

Of course! It’s really easy to set up SmartThings to only send you notifications at certain times of the day, on certain days, or both. Here’s how:
photo (40)• Since David is asking about a Multi sensor to monitor his door, he’ll first go to his Dashboard and click the gear to the right of the “Doors & Locks” section.

• Then click the arrow the right of the Multi that you’ve already installed on the outside of the door (you should have already given this a name).

• Tap the arrow by the first header, reading: “Know if it’s open or closed”.

• Since it sounds like you want to know when your door is both open and closed, just tap on the arrow by the header reading: “The door is… open, closed, or both” and tap both the “Open” and “Closed” circles.

• Then, tap on the + symbol at the very bottom of the screen that reads “More options”.

screen-shot• Finally, just enter in when you’d like to receive notifications.

I’ve attached a screen grab from my iOS phone. If you’d like to only get notifications when you’re asleep at home during weekdays, for instance, your setup might look something like this screen to the right.

That should do it.
If you have other questions about how to use SmartThings, send ’em in to We’ll highlight answers to the most common ones here on the blog.



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  1. So how does this work with Android?


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