How to Automate Your Thermostat When People Leave


A prospective customer writes in with a great question about how to automate a thermostat with SmartThings:

I am thinking of acquiring your Hub and have a quick question regarding geofencing and the Ecobee thermostat. Can you please tell me if you support multiple iPhone geofences so that the thermostat will not react until all phones have left the premises? 

Thank you,

Good question, and yes: You can definitely do this.
The best way to set this up is through the Hello, Home section of the SmartThings app. Here’s a short video showing you how:

1) Start by going to the Hello, Home section of the SmartThings app and selecting “Goodbye!”
2) Tap “Set the thermostat,” and select the thermostat you’d like to control
3) Enter your preferred temperature under heating and/or cooling, and tap “Done”
4) Tap “Additional settings,” and then tap “Automatically perform Goodbye!”
5) Select “Everyone leaves,” select the people who you’d like, tap “Done,” and that’s it!

These smart thermostats currently work with SmartThings:

ecobee Smart Thermostat
ecobee Smart Si Thermostat
Honeywell Thermostat YTH8320ZW1007/U
RCS TZ45 Thermostat
• Nest thermostat

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