A Question About Hello, Home

A SmartThings customer writes in to ask a great question about configuring different actions in Hello, Home.

I’m using the new Hello, Home features and I have a question: So I went to configure the default “Goodbye!” option and I chose to turn on several lights. Under Additional Settings, I chose Automatically Perform “Goodbye!” when… and then chose two things from here: “Everyone leave” and “Things quiet down.”

I want it to work when both my wife and I leave (with our phones that are acting as presence sensors) and when there has been no motion on two of the motion sensors for 15 minutes.  

So I wanted to know if the multiple conditions are considered an AND or an OR? Do both conditions have to be true for it to activate Goodbye! or does only one of the two have to be true? I’m hoping it’s an AND as you add more conditions, but I wasn’t sure. 


Great question. The answer is, yes, any time you’re customizing Hello, Home and tap “Additional settings,” it creates an and scenario where all the conditions selected need to take place in order for the Hello, Home action or mode change to take place.

Example: If you want Hello, Home to automatically perform “Goodbye!” when everyone leaves and (“Additional settings”…) things quiet down for 15 minutes, then both of those things need to occur for Goodbye! to take place–not one or the other. This is true across the board for all Hello, Home actions.

rsz_photo_68Similarly, any time you tap “More options” when configuring things in the SmartThings Dashboard, it also creates an and scenario.

Example: If you’re customizing things in the Doors & Locks category and you select that you want to know when your front door is open, but only (“More options…”) on certain days and at certain times, then you will only receive a notification if your front door is open and it’s on the day(s) you select, and in the timeframe you select.

Hope that helps!


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