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SmartThings-Powered Robot Makes the Perfect Cocktail


SmartThings reminds you to please drink responsibly when controlling robots.

In addition to securing your doors and locks, keeping an eye on loved ones, and triggering your home to automatically adjust to your unique preferences and patterns, SmartThings can also pour you a mean drink.

Juan Pablo Risso, a developer from the SmartThings community, has integrated our platform with the Kickstarter-backed Bartendro to create the ultimate party trick: a robot bartender that will make your favorite cocktail with the push of a button. We took it out for a spin alongside some of our early backers, supporters, and partners inside the #HelloSmartHome at CES last week to see if it could pour us a Bloody Mary or screwdriver on command. Check it out… Read More

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

It maaaay bee cold outside. But our indoor campfire isz keeping us warrm in the offiss. We set it to flaaame up for a sehcond each tyyme someone tweets using #smartthings. Please hellp us. Itzzz soooh cold & hard to tiep wiff mitttens awnn.


This pretty thought-provoking video comes courtesy of the British Institute of Posthuman Studies. In it, the writers explore the crossroads of philosophy and technology and beg the question: What would happen if we fundamentally alter our intellectual, physical, and psychological capabilities, and is the idea of developing super-human intelligence a good or a bad thing?

While this doesn’t necessarily mirror what we believe in as a company (read: we do not want to implant chips in anyone’s brain… except for maybe Pugstopher), there are a lot of interesting tie-ins to the #IoT movement–specifically from about minute 4:20 forward.

We’re curious: Does this excite you? Terrify you? Make you want to dust off your Aldus Huxley collection? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

Oh, Pugstopher…

From lamps to doors to pugs, it’s about time that the everyday things in our homes started doing more. Now they can.

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Breaking Pad: Heisenberg Narrates New iPad Air Ad

In a much-anticipated hour-long unveiling this week, Apple introduced the world to the brand-new iPad Air. Touting the device as the world’s most powerful and advanced tablet to ever enter the market, Apple declared that once users experience their first taste of the Air, they’ll be hooked.