Author: Eliot

The SmartThings Olympic Challenge

With the Olympics set to kick off today in Rio, we can’t help but feel inspired to push ourselves to our limits and dream big. While most of us might not be able to run, swim, and tumble our way to glory, we do have the power to rethink what is possible with SmartThings. Read More

Now You Know You Know

Unexpected movement downstairs? Parts of the house getting unusually warm? Realize that you’ve accidentally left an appliance on after you’ve left house? With SmartThings (and these clever ads from the UK…), you can rest easy by always knowing if everything is okay at home. Read More

SmartThings Prevents a Burglary

We love hearing real stories from customers about how they’re using SmartThings to monitor, control, and secure their homes. Today, we’re sharing a story from Allison who writes in to tell the story of how SmartThings and her D-Link camera helped deter an intruder. Read More

8 New Compatible Devices

We’ve just added eight new devices to the list of SmartThings-compatible products. By pairing these items with your SmartThings account, you can enhance your smart home and teach it a few new tricks! Read More

If Santa Had SmartThings…

Between taming a herd of raucous reindeer and trying to circumnavigate the globe in a night, Santa’s got a pretty busy day coming up. Here’s how SmartThings could make things a bit easier for jolly old St. Nick…

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