Author: Abbie Byrom

SmartThings – Update Your Login

We’re excited to announce that we’re updating to Samsung Account!

This is a step forward in our journey to prepare you for the new SmartThings app, which will bring you access to hundreds of Samsung devices and services in addition to all of the Works with SmartThings products you already use and love.

It’s easy to update your account in the SmartThings Classic app. When you see a banner with an account update notice, just follow this guide or follow the prompts within the app to update your login. Don’t see it quite yet? The account changes are being released in small groups to ensure the best possible experience so not all users will see the update at the same time, but expect it to pop-up soon.

The process may take a few minutes to complete and during this time, you won’t be able to use SmartThings Classic. After you complete the process, you will be logged out of the SmartThings Classic app on all other devices. Going forward, you will use your Samsung account to access the SmartThings Classic app.

Don’t have a Samsung account? No problem. You will be able to create one when you update your login. Already have a Samsung account? Great! Use those credentials when you update your login.

Once you’ve updated your login account, please continue to use the SmartThings Classic app until you receive additional communications from us. We’ll be back in touch when the next steps are ready, and we’ll give you plenty of time with each step to transition to the new SmartThings app, which we can’t wait to share soon.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs or get in touch with our support team here.

The New SmartThings App is Here

We’re delighted to announce that a brand new SmartThings app is here.

As announced at CES, Samsung is uniting all of its IoT applications in Spring 2018, including Samsung Connect, Smart Home, Smart View and more, into the SmartThings app. This will make it even easier to connect and control hundreds of devices directly by phone, TV, or car – all from a single application.

The new SmartThings app is our first step towards making this happen, and brings simplicity and connectivity to a wider range of smart devices so our users can easily and securely control their homes, and is available to download now from the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

We are working to ensure a smooth transition for our existing users, and to make the process as painless as we can, we’ve renamed the current app our users use (and will still see in their phones) to SmartThings Classic.

If you are a new SmartThings user, you will be directed to download the new “SmartThings” app to begin to monitor, control, and automate your home from anywhere in the world, and begin to add as many connected lights, locks, sensors, and devices as suits your unique personality and lifestyle.

We can’t wait to welcome you into an even better way to control your home. Have more questions? See our FAQs here

SmartThings + Evolved Vehicle Environments (EVE)

When you’re driving away from home, it’s easy to worry if you’ve locked the front door or remembered to close the garage door. So we at SmartThings are excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Evolved Vehicle Environments (EVE) and their EVE for Tesla solution EVEConnect, the most advanced connected home and connected car integration solution, to bring a new community of users peace of mind from anywhere.

Integrating the smart home and the connected vehicle so you can monitor and control your home even when you’re on-the-go, this partnership gives unprecedented continuity as you move throughout your day. Now, Tesla drivers can access, update, and receive real-time information about their smart home products, all from the front seat.

For example, a driver leaving their home could turn off the lights in their living room or lock the back door all through SmartThings. So you will not only know the status of your home devices, but also be able to adjust anything you may have missed without adding time to your commute.

Ergonomically designed for safe and effective in-car usage, EVEConnect provides seamless connectivity, while reducing driver distraction. Real-time home information and alerts of unexpected activity are continuously updated and clearly displayed on the dash, removing the problem of connectivity “downtime”.

As we continue to broaden the SmartThings experience, we look forward to finding new and better ways to make it easy to control all of your ‘things,’ and are excited to continue to expand the limits of the smart home.

Your routines, even smarter

A smart home should be a dynamic home that can adapt to everyone’s needs. SmartThings Scenes gives you the opportunity to create customized scenarios within a routine, to create an intuitive smart home experience based on you!

How it works:

Scenes are the best way to control a group of lights to create the perfect mood for any room in your home. You can group multiple bulbs, switches and outlets in a single Scene. For example, you can dim one bulb, change the color of another, and turn off a switch at the same time with a single command.

With the launch of scenes for SmartThings, you can do more with smart lighting in your home by instantly activating customizable lighting actions for multiple lights at once. A Scene is like a routine – only better. With a Scene you can create “Homework Lighting” within an “After School Routine” that starts at 4pm when the kids come home. Your color tunable smart bulbs can be programmed to be bright white during that time of day in the kitchen, den, and dining room – all at once – for ultimate concentration. At sundown, a Scene can activate warmer lighting for optimal relaxation during a “dinner time” routine. Scenes can be triggered via app or voice, so when life hands you those moments where you need to be hands free (‘dinner time’) you can still set your lighting to your preferences through Scenes.

What if you need lighting even more customized? With Scenes, you are able to create a Bedtime Scene to turn off your bedroom’s ceiling lights, turn your night light on, and set its color temperature to warm white. Not a morning person? Set a Wake Up Scene to change the color of your bedroom bulbs and use a Good Morning Routine to activate the Scene automatically.

Ready to get started? Stop by our Shop to pick up the smart lighting products that will help you set the scene for all your favorite at-home routines.

A smarter way to protect your home

At Samsung SmartThings, we strive to offer our users the most choices when it comes to their home devices, whether it’s partnering with new products and partners – or finding new ways to control, automate and monitor your home.

So continuing this commitment, we’re excited to announce our newest partnership with ADT – and the launch of a new professionally monitored, self-installed security and life safety solution powered by the SmartThings platform – all backed by ADT professional monitoring with no long-term contract necessary.

Consisting of a Home Security Starter Kit and Home Safety Expansion Pack, the new solution from Samsung and ADT gives anyone the ability to grow their connected home ecosystem as their needs evolve. The products will be available for pre-sale on and today, and available in Best Buy stores on October 29.

What’s Inside

With the intelligence and connectivity of Samsung and the unmatched professional monitoring of ADT, the Samsung SmartThings ADT home security system is a customizable, DIY security solution that connects with hundreds of compatible SmartThings devices to allow for one central control point.

The basis for the new DIY system is the Home Security Starter Kit, which includes the Security Hub, two Door and Window Detectors, and one Motion Detector. The system size can be expanded with additional detectors and alarms as needed, including fire, carbon monoxide and water leak detection with the addition of the Home Safety Expansion Pack.

The ADT Security Hub touchscreen panel, used to arm and disarm your home, also has a built in SmartThings Hub. This allows users to add and control their favorite smart home devices, like lights, cameras, doorbells, door locks, thermostats, sensors, voice assistants, and more within the SmartThings App as they expand their smart home. From the Android- and iOS-compatible SmartThings mobile app, consumers can easily manage these devices and sensors, set up routines, and receive alerts based on their preferences, as well as check on the security of their home.

What’s Next

Innovating with purpose is at the core of how we develop our products and choose our partners, and finding new ways to make your home smarter, easier is our goal.

As we continue to find new ways to make controlling your home effortless, we’re excited to roll out more service offerings like these – that bring together the best devices in the world, all in one app – without cluttering your home with extra products and complicated contracts.

In Q1 2018, customers will be able to add a unique video solution to their Samsung SmartThings ADT home security system. The new solution will combine custom camera hardware, cloud video storage and exclusive on-demand safety options, all seamlessly managed in the SmartThings mobile app.

Connect, protect, and enjoy a smarter peace of mind.