3 Ways to Prank People with SmartThings

Eager to learn how SmartThings can help you secure your home and gain peace of mind? Well, this is not the post for you! Instead, today we’d like to talk about a few of the tremendous ways that SmartThings can help you prank the bejeezus out of your friends and loved ones.

Best of all: Each of these pranks can be performed with just a Know and Control Your Home Starter Kit. Good luck!

1. (Creepy) Custom Notifications


In addition to being one of the most useful SmartApps in the SmartThings catalogue, the Notify Me When app can also be harnessed to give your wife, husband, roommate or anyone you share your account with the heebie-jeebies with a super creepy message! Just download the Notify Me When app in the Convenience category of the SmartThings catalogue, type in a custom message for SmartThings to send when different actions happen, and fire away by performing the action.

For example, I sent my girlfriend the above message early this morning. She hasn’t spoken to me since, which I think is her way of telling me that she loved it.

Ideal prank reaction:


2. New Family Member!

Looking for a subtle prank that will make the hair on the back of your spouse’s neck stand up? Here’s a fun little one!


If you happen to use both a SmartSense Presence sensor and also your phone as a presence sensor, just change the name and image on one of them to a terrifying mythic beast. That way, when your loved ones or roommates open up their app to see what’s happening back home, they’ll immediately panic, leave their job, and rush home in a terrified frenzy thinking that a massive hominid-like ape is ravaging their belongings!

Ideal prank reaction:


3. Rock and Roll!


Have Sonos? You’re in luck, because that means that you can trigger Nickelback to automatically blast throughout your house when different things occur! Wife comes home from work? Nickelback. You guys turn on the dining room light and sit down for dinner? Nickelback. Dim the bedroom lights when it’s time for bed? Nickelback.

Ideal prank reaction:


Have any other SmartThings-related April Fool’s gems? Leave your prank ideas in the comments section below!